About HDD Drilling


Directional Drilling is a very cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to open trenching. The drill is surface mounted and requires minimal excavation. The pilot hole is tracked and the operator can constantly change direction to avoid any existing services such as water, gas pipes, electrical and communication infrastructure. The advantages of drilling are numerous, including but not limited to:

  • Minimising the effect to the environment. Open trenching, even once filled, often sinks causing an uneven surface. Drilling leaves no evidence on the surface.
  • There is minimum distruption to the public as there is often no need to close roads if drilling below the road surface. Opening roadways means the road has to be closed for substantial period.
  • Work is not limited by depth constraints imposed when open trenching.
  • Significant sites or assets can be bypassed such as culturally significant areas, creek beds, endangered or protected trees etc.

Why Choose HDD Drilling?


HDD Drilling combines current well maintained plant and equipment with the knowledgeable, trained staff supported by a comprehensive works management system to ensure all works are undertaken in a planned and methodical manner. HDD continually seek innovation and technology to ensure we are providing our clients with the best option to suit their specific project needs.

HDD welcome “non-standard projects” and will work closely with our clients to achieve the most cost effective outcome whilst ensuring works are performed safely and in a environmentally responsible manner.

HDD have a well-stocked workshop and a fully trained mechanic available 24/7 to ensure plant and equipment is maintained as per manufacturers recommendations and in the event of a break down we can have our mobile service crew attend site immediately.